Brave Paramedic-Rescuers

Picturing a paramedic crawling into the rubble of a collapsed building or structure to conduct emergency medical assessment and treatment on a trapped victim is no longer a scenario from a TV drama. Ten SCDF paramedics have successfully completed the first Trauma Paramedics Conversion Workshop held at the Civil Defence Academy (CDA) from 26 to 30 July 2010. 

The pioneer batch went through a one-week physical training that comprised height and confined space rescue, Breathing Apparatus (BA) acclimatisation and Chemical Agent (CA) endurance training conducted by the Urban Search and Rescue instructors from CDA’s Specialist Training Centre.

The training has equipped the paramedics with operational skills to work hand-in-hand with SCDF rescuers to carry out medical intervention and emergency trauma management in complex rescue situations. The new capability will further enhance the quality of medical care provided to the trapped victims and more importantly enhance their survivability in critical cases. The rescue skills will also enable the paramedics to play a more direct role during on-site rescue operations, particularly when they are deployed in overseas rescue missions as part of the Operation Lionheart contingent.

Following the first run, two more conversion workshops will be held in August this year for all paramedics who meet the selection criteria. To recognise the new skill, all certified trauma paramedics will put on a new “Trauma paramedic” tab on their uniform and receive a monthly allowance. Each trauma paramedic is also required to pass the Trauma Paramedic Specialist Certification Test (TPSCT) twice yearly to ensure his/ her operational readiness.

If you are interested to join SCDF as a paramedic, click here to apply.

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2 Responses

  1. Is there any future similar workshops/ short course coming? Do you take in foreign participants? TQ

  2. Nora, currently the course is for SCDF paramedics. I will check for you and get back to you again. How many officers from Brunei Darussalam are interested in this course?

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